Monday, 19 July 2010

Food. Movies. Parrots

What do they have in common? about they all fall into the "love of my life" category??? Hahaha

Ok...I know....the "love" is in singular form and generally, you don't create a category for it.....but it's just not possible for me to choose one over the other! If I'm talking about 3 people, then I'm probably guilty of committing polygamy or bigamy.... but since there aren't exactly any humans involved...I'll go ahead and proclaim loudly- "I LOVE 'EM ALL"!!!

FOOD. I just LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE eating. To say that I live to eat is almost an understatement. To me, eating is life itself!!! Hahaha....ok.....maybe I exaggerated a little....but I think you get the idea! I'm always on the look-out for the latest and most recommended restaurants/ eateries in town. I spend a considerable amount of time reading food reviews, and even more time trying out the recommendations! Before every holiday trip, I'll do extensive research on the best places to eat in the country/ city that I'm visiting. Yes, I'm THAT into food. My Seoul trip is almost 2 months away...but I've already had all the lunches, dinners and suppers for the 6 day trip planned out!!! Hahaha

MOVIES. I use to watch an average of 5 movies a week. It's down to 3 per week now...but that's only because I'm busier nowadays. I don't really have a favorite genre..... To me, there are only 2 types of movies- The ones that are good, well-made and enjoyable, and those that I'd rather not watch. Immersing myself in a good movie is like being transported to another dimension/reality. This temporal escape from my own reality is the closest to an out-of-body experience I've ever encountered!

PARROTS. Most people who know me know that I'm crazy about parrots (particularly Lovebirds and Eclectus Parrots). I got my first 2 Lovebirds in January last year, and now, 18 months later, my very small flock of 2 Lovebirds has grown into a big "family" of 13 birds! I'm currently the proud owner of 9 lovely Lovebirds, 3 beautiful Bugies and 1 loveable Green-naped Lorikeet! I've also been quite successful in breeding lovebirds. My first breeding pair (Blue Pumpkin and Geen Tea) has produced 10 babies to date, and my second breeding pair (Orange and Banana) are preparing for their second clutch!!!

I guess I should start blogging about these 3 "loves" of mine. Watch out for new entries on them!!! Coming your way!!!! Soon!! I promise!!!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

MULAN- What you see, what you don't, what you'd rather not(?)!

6 months of preparations, practices and rehearsals. Over 30 singers and musicians. Over 40 actors and dancers. 1committed team. 1 day. 2 shows. Tons of fun!!!

Hua Mulan- The Musical is indeed one of the most memorable projects I've done...The amount of time invested, the number of people I worked with and the number of problems encountered were unprecedented....but I'm really glad that in the end, everything came together pretty nicely! To sum it up, it was a bumpy BUT enjoyable journey....and here are some happy moments immortalised in "print". ENJOY!!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Mulan- The Musical.......

is quite a challenge for me. I gotta learn the songs, learn the lines, learn the martial arts moves, learn the dance....and get in shape for the not-so-modest costumes in a short period of time....hahahaha....hmmmmm..... Just what did I get myself into??!!

But then again, Wallace Ang ain't no quitter.....and is always up for a good challenge! Besides, rehearsals have been pretty fun so far, and the cast and director are easy to work with( better say that....just in case one of them chances upon this....kekeke)! So I guess I did make the right decison to join the production!

If you are interested to catch are the details:

29th May. 3pm & 8pm (Only tickets to the 3pm's show are still available)
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Campus 3)
Lee Foundation Theatre@151 Bencoolen Street
Contact: 94368763(Ms Lim)

My album will be on sales on that day too. Hope to see you....and you....and you...and you there!! Hahaha

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


   最近翻开报纸, 看到的尽是嫩草们的"倩影"。大家争先恐后的爆料。。。。。。正义感十足的的挥着斩妖除魔的宝剑,誓要将恶人置于死地。
   原来, 反败为胜就是这么一回事。再也捞不到油水了?被占了便宜却得不到好处??没关系!来一招狠的!先发制人,将丑事公诸于众!!顺便。。。。将自己最“靓”的照片email到报馆去。。。“美美”的上报, 成为家喻户晓的“女星”。
   恍然大悟。。。。。。要出位? 好不好看无所谓,有没有才华不重要。。。。最要紧的是找到一头会犯错的名种老牛。
   老牛以为自己能左右逢源很“行”, 却常常栽在身边看似无辜的嫩草手里。
   突发奇想。。。。。。如果我能当上嫩草也不错。。。。只是。。。。有谁这么笨要做我的老母牛啊????!!? Hahaha

Gala premiere of 福星到


电影的女主角之一 ~ 莫小玲


Tuesday, 23 February 2010


大年初二到Esplanade的Waterfront表演, 唱了五首歌....观众的反应还不错! 除了在台上唱得很尽兴, 更开心的是有好几位中国朋友, 在观赏了我的演出后, 便购买了我的专辑! 真的要谢谢他们的支持!

My peers from Intune Music performed with me on that day.


The cotton candy that I DIDNT get to eat! So angry!!

One of the guys from China who bought my album!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


最近比较忙, 所以比较懒!!??无须做“必须”做的事时, 就完全不想用到多余的脑力和体力。一有空,便“瘫坐”在电视机或电脑前看电视节目,看DVD和打game。


那洪圣安最近是在忙些什么呢?'s the list:

1) 参与电视剧“红白喜事”的拍摄
2)为“MULAN-The musical” 进行彩排
3)为2月15日在Esplanade's Waterfront的表演练歌
5)照顾和hand-feed 3个星期大的baby lovebirds! (是的,我家的Green Tea和Blue Pumpkin又生了!!)

够忙吧?!但是忙得挺开心的!! 也希望,忙惯了,人就不再那么懒了!!!Kekeke....
Will "force" myself to update soon!!!!