Monday, 26 April 2010

Mulan- The Musical.......

is quite a challenge for me. I gotta learn the songs, learn the lines, learn the martial arts moves, learn the dance....and get in shape for the not-so-modest costumes in a short period of time....hahahaha....hmmmmm..... Just what did I get myself into??!!

But then again, Wallace Ang ain't no quitter.....and is always up for a good challenge! Besides, rehearsals have been pretty fun so far, and the cast and director are easy to work with( better say that....just in case one of them chances upon this....kekeke)! So I guess I did make the right decison to join the production!

If you are interested to catch are the details:

29th May. 3pm & 8pm (Only tickets to the 3pm's show are still available)
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Campus 3)
Lee Foundation Theatre@151 Bencoolen Street
Contact: 94368763(Ms Lim)

My album will be on sales on that day too. Hope to see you....and you....and you...and you there!! Hahaha


Jessica said...

Hi wallace, my friend invited me to watch the mulan production on sat.. u are so handsome! As I was sitting quite front, I could see u quite clearly.. I think u r better looking in person.. Anyway, I read your blog and realised that u r quite a down to earth and honest person. Why did I not know u r a singer, although I saw u acting in channel8 dramas before. U should have done more publicity.. u have the talent and looks. I feel channel 8 really need more ppl like u… I always thought u were a Malaysian, until I saw your intro in the prog brochure tht u graduated from NUS and your blog was filled with singlish like la and lo.. haha.. anyway U r so bilingual! Your English is damn good, so is your Chinese. Ur blog is filled with cheem English.. and the chinese entries also felt like some Malaysian or Taiwanese or Chinese ppl wrote it.. maybe u have a professional translator with u.. haha..I think u have lots more 內涵 than a lot of ah bengs in mediacorp.. I wondered how u learned both languages so well! Anyways, how old r u? I searched through the internet, never mention your age. I saw that your birthday is between 3 Nov to 5 Nov.. why? so is it 4 Nov then?

I wish you all the best!

From your fan, who will be looking for your cd soon =)

Wallace 圣安 said...

Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement!! Did you watch the 3pm or 8pm's show? I hope that you enjoyed the performance! There were a couple of technical glitches, but all of us tried our very best. :-)

Well, I guess you were right....there wasn't much publicity done for my album....but as an artiste, some things are really not within my control. However, I'll continue to pursue my interest in music. In fact, I've already written a couple of new songs and hopefully, my next album will see the light of day by next year! Will need your support then!! Actually my debut album was on sales that day....guess you didnt notice....

I've always been interested in languages, and I love learning new words...Unfortunately, I can only speak English and Mandarin...I guess I should try learning a new language soon!

You thought that I'm a Malaysian?? Hahaha....How come??? Just what about me is Malaysian-ish?

And yes, my birthday falls on the 4th of November.

Once again, thank you for your support. I really appreciate it!

Jessica said...

Hi Wallace, thanks for ur long reply! I realized u replied in some awkward hours in the morning.. guess all celebrities sleep very late.. haha.. so are u dabbing in singing, acting and modelling now? I din know u were a dj too.. have u considered going back DJ-ing.. I think u have a great voice!.. when did u start acting by the way?since school days? anyways I watched the afternoon mulan show.. I did not see any technical glitches, were there? maybe I was too mesmerized by the perf to notice anything.. I also did not see the albums on sale.. I thought u would come out after the show.. but I din see u..
eh why I say u look like Malaysian? cos u look very earnest, a serious charming look.. and u speak very good mandarin, that’s why.. normally Singaporeans don’t speak that well.. look at elvin ng.. cant stand him.. lol.. hope he’s not your fan or he will be reading this..

I think u will look good acting in 古装.. have you acted in any? cos u got some 古典气质.. haha..
u r so humble.. U can use both languages equally well.. that’s very good already..being effectively bilingual is not easy u know…I guess u dunno, cos it comes so naturally to you.. haha.. most of us are either better in one language or the other.. mine is half past six for both.. have u written any eng songs before? u can write books too!

So how long have you all been rehearsing for the mu lan production? who brought u into the perf? Is this the first time u act in productions? Anyways, u know the male mulan? I saw some photos here of her.. I think u are quite compatible with the other mulan ( the female one cos she’s so pretty) ; ) do u know the female mulan personally? and one final question, why do u keep parrots? sorry to bombard u with so many qns..

omg this is the first time I speak so closely to my idol.. ^^

have a great day! =D

Wallace 圣安 said...

Heyo Jessica!
I started with modelling....but am concentrating on singing and acting now. As for DJ-ing, I was with Love 97.2 for a year. Will I go back to it?? Well....let's just say that I like to keep my options open....

"古典气质"?? Really???? That's new! Haha...Actually I'll like to try out as many diff genres as possible!

I've written a couple of english songs... Who knows?? I may just decide to include them in my next album! As for books....I think I prefer to read them...haha

We started rehearsing in January. I was approached by the director. Male Mulan's been a good friend of mine for close to 10 years. As for female Mulan...we do talk...but I don't know her very well.

As for parrots... Well, I simply adore them. I think they are both intelligent and beautiful! I have 9 lovebirds, 3 budgies and 1 lorikeet at home. Besides keeping lovebirds, I also breed them. My 2 breeding pairs have produced more than 10 babies already!

I guess that's all for now!?

Have a great week ahead!!

Jes said...
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Jessica said...

hi Wallace! wow u r the first person I know who almost have a birdpark at home.. u must be very busy looking after so many of them! haha.. so do u let them fly around the house? do they greet you good morning?

I see.. so the male mulan is u introduced to the director I guess.. im impressed so many of u from different organizations(?) can coordinate to create such a big production…

lol.. wat books u like to read?
So were u a 明星学生?as in do you start acting very early on? I wonder how celebrities do in school? wont they be like the centre of attention all over and teachers will be very afraid of offending them or wat.. anyways.. u should write blog more often!.. haha.. do u only update when there’re major events?
do u sing in church events?

how is it like to be a celeb? do u get crazy fans bugging u? or ppl asking for your signatures on the streets? do u disguise yourself when u go out.. haha.. Yesterday I saw dai yang tian at bugis area.. he covered half of his face with a cap but I recognise his lips shape and instantly know it’s him.. haha.. but im not really crazy abt him..though I must say he’s got a good complexion..

I read that u acted in a china show before.. wat show was that? hope to see more of ur shows! have a beautiful Sunday! =D

Wallace 圣安 said...

Hi Jessica!

Sorry for the late reply....been kinda busy!

I try to set aside some time every day to play with the birds. I let them out to roam around the house as often as possible 'cos they really enjoy doing so!! Haha..

As for wasn't easy to get everyone together for rehearsals and practices.....and I'm really glad that everything came together quite nicely in the end!

I started modelling and acting when I was still in NUS. My lecturers and tutors were quite cool with it.....In fact, most of them were very supportive!

Disguise myself when I go out?? on a moustache or something?? Nay....I'm not DYT...I don't get mobbed!!

I did a drama serial in China some years back.....Don't think it made it to Singapore though...haha. Will keep u posted on my future projects!!

Have a great week ahead!