Wednesday, 16 June 2010

MULAN- What you see, what you don't, what you'd rather not(?)!

6 months of preparations, practices and rehearsals. Over 30 singers and musicians. Over 40 actors and dancers. 1committed team. 1 day. 2 shows. Tons of fun!!!

Hua Mulan- The Musical is indeed one of the most memorable projects I've done...The amount of time invested, the number of people I worked with and the number of problems encountered were unprecedented....but I'm really glad that in the end, everything came together pretty nicely! To sum it up, it was a bumpy BUT enjoyable journey....and here are some happy moments immortalised in "print". ENJOY!!


Jessica said...

yay.. finally see a new post.. u look really cool here!.. so did u have martial arts background? i saw u playing around with the knife with the long handle on stage.. wat cca were u in in school? and wat was your fav subj back in school? so do u do catwalks for fashion shows or are u photograph models? i would say u r 100x better than DYT.. haha.. oh anyway, i like your 小孩子 and sang with so much emotion~.. i like ur a bit nasal voice.. haha.. =D

have a great week ahead too!

Wallace 圣安 said...

I did learn Taekwondo for a couple of years....when I was in secondary school....hahaha

My fav subjects were English Literature and Art....

I no longer do runway shows on a regular basis....but once in a while, I'll 客串for fun.....keke

Thanks for your support Jessica....I'm really glad you like my songs!


Jessica said...

wow u took taekwondo? no wonder so fit.. haha.. haha art was my fav subj too! english literature sounds difficult to me.. I have difficulty understanding old shakespearian english.. haha.. but i like quotes like to be or not to be.. do u all study philosophy too?.. my fav subj since young had been chinese..but chinese literature is a bit disgusting to study.. alot of memory work.. then end of the day not really interested already.. maybe i just like leisure reading, but dont like to analyse stuff in too much detail like literature does.. i guess u like to do a lot of analytical work? haha..

enjoy everyday of your life ! ;)

Jan Jee said...

Hi Wallace,

Your blog is amazing! I'd love to be in touch with you.
Would it be possible for you to drop me an email at

Jan Jee