Monday, 19 July 2010

Food. Movies. Parrots

What do they have in common? about they all fall into the "love of my life" category??? Hahaha

Ok...I know....the "love" is in singular form and generally, you don't create a category for it.....but it's just not possible for me to choose one over the other! If I'm talking about 3 people, then I'm probably guilty of committing polygamy or bigamy.... but since there aren't exactly any humans involved...I'll go ahead and proclaim loudly- "I LOVE 'EM ALL"!!!

FOOD. I just LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE eating. To say that I live to eat is almost an understatement. To me, eating is life itself!!! Hahaha....ok.....maybe I exaggerated a little....but I think you get the idea! I'm always on the look-out for the latest and most recommended restaurants/ eateries in town. I spend a considerable amount of time reading food reviews, and even more time trying out the recommendations! Before every holiday trip, I'll do extensive research on the best places to eat in the country/ city that I'm visiting. Yes, I'm THAT into food. My Seoul trip is almost 2 months away...but I've already had all the lunches, dinners and suppers for the 6 day trip planned out!!! Hahaha

MOVIES. I use to watch an average of 5 movies a week. It's down to 3 per week now...but that's only because I'm busier nowadays. I don't really have a favorite genre..... To me, there are only 2 types of movies- The ones that are good, well-made and enjoyable, and those that I'd rather not watch. Immersing myself in a good movie is like being transported to another dimension/reality. This temporal escape from my own reality is the closest to an out-of-body experience I've ever encountered!

PARROTS. Most people who know me know that I'm crazy about parrots (particularly Lovebirds and Eclectus Parrots). I got my first 2 Lovebirds in January last year, and now, 18 months later, my very small flock of 2 Lovebirds has grown into a big "family" of 13 birds! I'm currently the proud owner of 9 lovely Lovebirds, 3 beautiful Bugies and 1 loveable Green-naped Lorikeet! I've also been quite successful in breeding lovebirds. My first breeding pair (Blue Pumpkin and Geen Tea) has produced 10 babies to date, and my second breeding pair (Orange and Banana) are preparing for their second clutch!!!

I guess I should start blogging about these 3 "loves" of mine. Watch out for new entries on them!!! Coming your way!!!! Soon!! I promise!!!!

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